Each state has multiple sources of its wealth. Some have minerals, others an exceptional location, others beautiful nature, cultural traditions and the like.  However, the greatest wealth of any state is healthy and educated people.  Any product can be made in a very short time, but an educated person in a very long time. The results of this education can be seen after many years. If we did not do something right, it is very difficult to fix it. Therefore, it is very important to pay great attention to the education of the population. The acquired education is not a summary of data, texts, lessons, etc., but the ability to develop science, technology, art in accordance with the needs of people and for the benefit of all people.

The International Virtual Institute is one of the forms of international education in certain areas, mainly management disciplines, scientific fields in the field of informatics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other natural sciences. It is also a suitable form of education in the field of economics. The benefit of this way of education is the possibility of organizing international groups that can respond more quickly to the requirements of practice in different parts of the world and can also combine the research capacities and educational qualities of teachers in several countries.

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